Chinese New Year warmly received in Addis Ababa


The Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and its mission to the AU hosted the spring festival of the Chinese New Year on 18 January. The festival which is going to be celebrated by the Chinese people and some Asian countries will begin on January 5, this year.
Tan Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, warmly welcomed the attendants of the event including former president Mulatu Teshome and his wife. He remarked that the celebration of the spring festival in between Ethiopian Epiphany and the Christmas make the season more enjoyable.
“Taking holidays is not just to relax, also to reflect, to bid farewell to the past and embrace the new,” said Tan to the audience. “Last year was the Chinese anniversary of its milestone reform and opening up its policy which now brings sea change lifting out 740 million people out of poverty.”
Tan also reflected that same year to be full of events for Ethiopia as well with bringing P.M Abiy Ahmed (PhD) as a prime minister as an impressive reform, but with all the challenges.
He expressed the countries confidence on Ethiopia government and its people referring the World Banks economic growth forecast of a GDP growth to be 8.8 percent in the coming, which is more than China.
He expressed that his country wishes all the success for Ethiopia.
“We are with you and we are behind you,” said the ambassador.