Cool and Kind

Reggie Khumalo a South African traveler and philanthropist

Reggie Khumalo a South African traveler and philanthropist started riding his motorcycle through Africa in support of NGOs which supports students with tutors and meal programs. After he arrived here beginning his journey in Johannesburg on September he drove his bike to Hawassa, Shashemene and other cities along the way.

The artist will display his work at the South African embassy for free on 6th April to express his experience in Ethiopia. Finally, he will auction the pieces and use the money to fund his project based in South Africa, Malawi and coming up in Kenya.

“I will travel to Sudan, Egypt, and Greece and all the way to Amsterdam,” he told Capital. “I use a motorbike to support my vision as I love Africa, traveling, and motorbikes. I enjoyed the wildlife, the people and new experience which gave me a lifetime adventure.”

Reggie is making a change by riding his motorcycle across Africa and Europe, to raise funds and bring awareness of those students in need.

During his previous adventure, Reggie crossed 10 borders and he made pieces of art that represented his experiences in each country he traveled through. Upon arrival, he had an exhibition and from the art he sold he donated a percentage of the proceeds to various educational charities.

“I loved Ethiopia, it’s like home, Addis Ababa’s residents are cool and kind,” he said.