Curtain call


The renowned actor Fekadu Teklemariyam’s body was laid to rest at Saint Trinity Cathedral last Thursday. After struggling with kidney failure for months the prominent actor died while he was at Arsema Monastery, Northern Wollo, for a spiritual healing, while the committee organized an attempt for a recovery by planning to take him to India for a kidney transplant.
The artist was diagnosed with kidney failure a year ago. His colleagues and fans were engaged in fund raising which he offered back to a young girl suffering from the same illness.
Fekadu entered into the heart of the people through his unforgettable acting especially Othello, Hamlet and Yetewodros Raey. The spectacular actor was also known first his dynamic narration of books on the state radio, Kemesthaft Alem. The narration of Sabela was among the most heard. also Baleguday and Gebena are TV series which made the artist unforgettable.

The artist obtained free local medication from the government because of his service as an ambassador which he refused to take and offered to others.
Born and raised in Addis Ababa, he served as an artist for 42 years before passing away last week at 62. Many fans, family, friends and higher officials were present at his funeral.

photo: Anteneh Aklilu
photo: Anteneh Aklilu