The emotional moment of LA


A documentary focusing on the visit of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to the United Sates was launched last week at Sebastopol Cinema. Made by Nigist Likke, a daughter of the late Senay Likke (PhD), and produced by Brhanu Wolde, the movie was attended by various fans of the PM and artists. The Hollywood film maker interviewed residents at the gathering. She thanked Tewodros Teshome for offering his cinema for free to release the documentary officially.
Here are some of the comments attendees of the film gave:
“The mother of Ethiopia was crying for the past 50 years. We were hungry of justice and democracy and thank God that he sent him for us like he sent Mussie for the people of Israel. We Muslims will make Dua for him and our Christian brothers will pray for him,” Mohamed Siraj said.
“We are ready to do what team Lemma will tell us to do,” a couple said.
“We are definitely moving back home,” Michael and his friend exclaimed.
“My memory when I got out from my country was a civil crisis. I haven’t gone back since and we came in the early 1980s, but I am going home now,” Wondim Mohamed reported.
“He will unite Africa and this is an emotionally exceptional moment,” Getnet Fikere said.
“I will pray for him, I will consider as if I am born again today,” Nigist Tesfaye, an old woman spoke while crying.
“I thank God that I am alive to witness this today,” Amanuel Mihretu said.
“He is the fresh breath of East Africa,” Misrak Tekeste said.