Ethiopia Land of Dream


Mohammed YAHIAOUI is a film director from Algeria; he specializes in documentary films dealing with cultural heritage in his country. He decides to visit Ethiopia and make a film of his visit. He’s also the narrator of the film.
Hé’s fascinated by the country: History, myths, legends, traditions, folklore, ethnology, archeology, religions, geology, flora and fauna makes Ethiopia a land of dreams and great hospitality. All aspects of interests are there to stimulate the visitor’s imagination. He sees with the eyes but feels with the heart.
Cradle of humanity, land of the rastas, founded by a mythical union- Queen of Saba and King Solomon, land of ethnic tribes who live in perfect harmony with nature; all of these points are developed in the 22′ documentary film with underlying message is to transmit the feelings, the dreams and the imagination, which are the necessary ingredients to unite all human beings.
The film has been selected among 60 films by the 13th edition of the ADDIS INTRNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL-AIFF; the films are to be screened in 5 different places: Italian Cultural Institute, Alliance Ethio Française, Vamdas Entertainment, Hager Fekere Theatre, and National Archive and Library Agency.