European Film Festival to begin next week


The annual European Film Festival is going to showcase 20 films selected from European Union countries on November 9-11 at VAMDAS Entertainment Movie Theatre. The award winning movies were selected with their historical or contemporary themes besides their artistic value according to the organizers. Also the criteria of most celebrated actors in their respective countries, unforgettable music and cinematography that can capture the imagination of the audience was also considered.
The festival is expected to bring movies in the categories of documentary, historical stories, comedies and drama. The festival gives special attention for kids and dedicates two Saturdays, 3rd and 10th of November for them.
The festival will also screen some Ethiopian films and short films in order to promote interaction between European and Ethiopian filmmakers. There will also be one African film from Burkina Faso to celebrate Addis Ababa as the headquarters of the African Union and the diplomatic capital of Africa on 2 November 2018.
The festivals are expected to be launched on November 1 at 6pm in the VAMDAS Entertainment Movie Theatre with a free of charge entrance.
The France movie of “Le Brio” is expected to be the opening movie.