Feeling the pain


Organized by Martha Tadesse, a photo journalist, a multi media exhibition focusing on rape scenarios was launched last Wednesday at the National Archives and Library of Ethiopia. The exhibition which consisted of 17 photo pieces, rape scenario audio and other items named Eskemeche, Until When, was sponsored by the UN women.
The photographer who has a series of exhibitions since 2014 on Gender Based Violence (GBV) explained her photos with her tears.
“I kept asking why men keep doing this and how could it become a culture too hard to give up,” Marta told Capital. “I don’t think we need a reference to focus and work on this act which is the most shocking and overwhelming threat that women still have.”
In the arrangement there were toys left on the floor, items which are commonly left by the women while being raped. Dolls, a back pack full of exercise books, eye glasses, bracelets and monks prayers necklaces were among the items on the floor of the room. The 2:30 minute audio which the visitors can turn on while viewing the exhibition gives it a heartbeat.
The tile of the exhibition was made up of men’s clothing and accessories.
The photographer had a closed opening for the UN staff a day before the official opening. During the opening close to 60 guests attended and the exhibition will continue until December 10.