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How to build a Temple

Known for illusory and powerful works, Alessia Rollo is one of the most remarkable photographers in the Italian and international photography scene of the moment. Alessia Rollo’s ‘How to build a Temple; How to build the true’ art exhibition was opened on Thursday April 18 at the Italian Cultural Institute for visitors. The photo exhibition concentrate on the story of Queen of Sheba and King Salomon integrating the personal connection she had with Ethiopia and her experience in the country. Her last photographic series “Fata Morgana” is composed of conceptual works but in other hand can be documentary works focused on Immigration issues.
She said “I work with photography since 2009 and my projects investigate quite always the relationship between objects, human habits and society. I mix up really different photographic languages and category because I believe there is not a unique point of view to tell the reality and I prefer to make it clean in my practice thought the fragmentation of my photographic vision.”
“I started taking pictures when I moved to Ireland after University. At the time my English was quite bad, so I could not speak that much with people: I was wondering I could get familiar with a new country and communicate my sensations. I remembered I have a simple film camera with me, a present from my friends for my degree. I started to take pictures of the places I was going: I took the camera with me when I felt alone and I discovered that camera is a great friend and a way to know a bit more about yourself.
Alessia Rollo is born in South Italy in 1982. She received her BA at University in Perugia and she is crossing her MA in Publishing at University Statale in Milan.
She also obtained a Master in “Creative Photography” in 2009 at EFTI school in Madrid and participated to many workshops with international artist as Peter Funch, Mauricio Alejo, Danis Darzacq, Jill Greenberg, Matt Siber, James Casebere, Mary Hellen Mark.
She participated in solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Italy and Brazil.
Her project Fata Morgana has been selected in the finalist group for LensCulture Exposure Award 2018 and exhibited during Photo London 2018: she was selected by PHotoEspaña as emergent talent 2018 for Futures Photography. Her project “Dialoghi italiani” is one of the finalist works at Cormos Book Award 2018 at Arles.

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