”Let’s Talk About Locks…”


An Art exhibition and colloquium was held on March 9, 2019 at blue space of blueMoon aiming to boost the conversation about culture and identity. The event which expressed the idea with Illustrations, mirror installations and performance art explored the impact of women and youth of African descent to express their culture, History, Identity and state of mind.
Hairstyles were one of the expressions like Afros, Braids, Locks and natural African Hairstyles. The event which is organized in honor of international Women’s day is co-created and hosted by Eleni G/Medhin (PhD).
Dr. Desta Meghoo moderated the dialogue attended by various high profile personalities including the invited panelists Adwoa Kufour, Victoria Maloka, Merid Tafesse and Zahara Legesse-Kufann.