Marking the one year anniversary of the inauguration of Abiy Ahmed with a photo exhibition


A photo exhibition which is part of the “April to April” celebration was launched by Hirut Kassaw, Minister of Tourism. The art exhibition collected pictures reflecting major events that took place since Abiy Ahmed was inaugurated as Prime Minister last year. The picture included the prime mister’s trips to foreign countries and his address of the Diaspora community. Significant meetings at his office, with African leaders and others, were part of the exhibition. Also, international media reports were printed and presented in the package.
The photo exhibition also included a visual art three installations designed by art curator Edom Belete. The tree is said to be inspired by Abiy’s first speech. The tree and its branches represent the Nations and Nationalists while the grass depicts the co-existence, equality, and diversity.
Pictures taken by Fitsum Arega, Martha Tadesse, Daniel Getachew, Aron Simeneh, Abate Damte, Abinet Teshome, DPA picture alliance EPA, Eduardo Soteras and Mulugeta Ayene were part of the exhibition.
Panel discussions led by Photographer Ayida Muluneh, Bekele Mekonen and Agenhu Adana was also part of the program.