Music for children with cancer


Two young boys donated money and other materials for children with cancer on Friday July 20. The young boys raised the money by composing music and selling the CD. Minister of Health Amir Aman in his official facebook page said “At the Black Lion’s Pediatrics Oncology Center, we celebrated the inspirational acts of Aaron Admasu 6 ½ and Kaleb Admasu 9 years old – using their musical talent composed, performed, recorded, got printed 500 CDs, and sold and raised 25,000 (ETB) to support children with cancer. These beautiful children are letting their hair grow so that it will be shaved and be given to be worn by children who have lost their hair from chemotherapy. I want to thank Dr. Admasu Tenna and Ms. Senafikish Tekabework, their parents because as the expression goes, a seed doesn’t fall far from the tree”.