New poem book hits the market


Daniel Tarekegn launched his new book “Eri-Bekentu” last week at Debre Damo Hotel. The book incorporating 56 poems has 84 pages and was named after a place which the author lived in and had his childhood and youth memories.
He stated that the place was demolished for redevelopment purpose. He named his book to remind the social, economic and psychological crises such projects cause on the people.
Painted by Tewodros G/Amlak the cover page represents the poem which the book was named after meaning “unheard howl.” Published by the author himself the book is sold 46.9 birr.
He recalled his first step to the literature career at the early 2000 which he tried to establish in association with his friends but failed due to the administrative barriers. He spotted this incident for him to move to other career, and do literature on part time.
Daniel promised to come back to the audience with another collection fusing the poems.