Revealing the beauty of Ethiopia


The Italian Cultural Institute, the University ‘L’Orientale’ of Naples, together with the Institute of Ethiopian Studies organized a multidisciplinary exhibition composed of photos, paintings and scripts representing the every region.

Collected by photographer Carlo Franchini, and painter Francesca Borro and the scientific projects of the maps of Orientale University the exhibition will stay on in the Institute of Ethiopian Studies for three months, from 5th November to 31st January.

In addition, the exhibition will interact with the collections of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, thus focusing on the strong relationship between the ethnographic peculiarities of the wonderful Ethiopian regions and their landscapes and people.

This is the third leg of the exhibition, after being showcased in Naples and Rome, under the patronage of the Ethiopian Embassy in Italy. Having presented the beauty of Ethiopia to the wider Italian public, the exhibition is ready now to introduce such beauty to the many tourists who start their tour of Ethiopia from Addis Ababa and the Institute of Ethiopian Studies.

The doors of the exhibition will be opened on 3:30 pm on this Monday.