The new Adwa song writing competition


Jazzamba School of Music in partnership with Jubilee Events & Entertainment, Fendika Cultural Center and Laphto Mall, announced the launch of the New ADWA Song Writing Competition.
The organizers said that this competition is an opportunity for young musicians and songwriters to build and grow their musical passion, which falls in line with the vision of Jazzamba and to nurture and inspire the next generation of musicians and to guide the development of Ethiopian music into the future.
“At various points in the past, Western artists have produced events in Africa; now it is our turn to take the lead.” says one Jazzamba board member.
This initiative comes at a time when the #NoMore movement is bringing people together to support Ethiopia. This competition adds to this movement by providing up-and-coming musicians the opportunity to compose an original song that reminds us of how the Battle of Adwa represents freedom for Ethiopia and Africa and supports peace and unity, love and harmony.
The organizers also said that they are encouraging the youth to collaborate together and compose a song; an original musical composition and original lyrics. “This is a huge opportunity for Ethiopian youth around the world to work on their teamwork skills, writing and storytelling,” a statement from the organizers read.
The winning song will be judged by prominent musicians and singers. “It will express feelings of peace and unity, love and harmony and provide an opportunity to take pride and ownership in being Ethiopian/African. This song will be sung and produced by some of the biggest names in the Ethiopian music industry and released to the public,” the statement further reads.
Jazzamba was founded in 2008 by some of the top musicians in the Ethiopian music industry at that time. It has graduated nearly 300 students between 2008 and 2018. Jazzamba operated the Jazzamba lounge until it was closed in 2015 due to a fire at its location in the Taitu Hotel. Since then Jazzamba has re-registered as a local NGO and has been rebranding with the intent to re-open to music students in 2022.