A move towards state of the art


Great Run Ethiopia has launched a new website with the latest technology called progressive web apps. The website is able to operate well in every online platform and is mobile friendly. The previous website of the company got 1.7 million hits last year. The development of this new website will eliminate the paper based registration within five years.
“Progressive web application is the latest technology created by Google a few years ago,” Dr. David a delegate from the UK stated. “It takes the advantages of what you get on the desktop to a telephone, which saves a lot of money. The technology is said to add many new features to the website including saving dates and Google can save with it a security certificate.”
The adoption of the new technology is also expected to make the events organized and make it more accessible outside the country and facilitate the communication with its customers.
Online reservations for the 19th Great Run was also launched last week and will be conducted using the website.