Academics discuss potentials of stock exchange


Two affiliated universities; Western University College (WUC) and Lincoln University, gave a five day training for financial sector stakeholders at Addis Ababa University last week. It was given to representatives from the private banks, government bodies, universities and financial institutions by Sergey Aityan (PhD), Professor of Economics at Lincoln University.
Abetu Melaku, President of WUC, expressed hope about the formation a stock market in the nation’s economy as the financial sector is witnessing dramatic changes.
“The nature of a stock market is too sensitive and prior preparation is critical,” said Abetu. “Otherwise the capital market will be just a way for a few people to get rich. A legal framework, necessary infrastructure and especially well educated human resources are critical.”
The current decision of the government to sell the shares of public enterprises both partially and entirely was made as a remark that a stock exchange might be created in Ethiopia, according to Abetu.
“We want to contribute to the current development in the economic sector,” he said.