Business consultancy goes online


Lead Plus Consult, a management consultancy and training center introduced an online platform to consult private businesses in line with the current pandemic.
The firm that is engaged in the consultancy business for those who want to invest in Ethiopia and others who already started business locally has stated that it has now introduced an online operation and provide information for those who needs it.
“In relation with the outbreak of coronavirus, providing direct information would be difficult. Due to that we have decided to provide general guidance online for free on ways how to run business in Ethiopia,” Dawit Tadesse, CEO and Founder of Lead Plus Consult said.
“In Ethiopia getting information is very difficult to do business very quickly for both foreigners and local investors. Previously we have published a book that guide investors to operate in the country and now as corporate social responsibility we have initiated to provide an online general guidance,” Dawit told Capital.
“Due to the current situation it is not suitable to go at relevant government offices for all information and our initiative will ease that. The guidance will help investors to enable to get up to 30 percent of their information demand,” he added.
The consultancy firm stated that it is already receiving questions from aboard and locally. “We are now providing responses for every query we received online,” Dawit said.
He added that the firm has dedicated five professionals for the initiative and the expense will be covered by the company.
“We considered it that it will promote the website and the company and potential local and foreign advertisers will promote their companies on our website,” he said.
The book that Lead Plus Consult founder published is supporting businesses by providing relevant information regarding how to start business in the country, where to go and explain the tax system of the country.
The consultancy firm also provides business consulting, management consulting, tax advisory, tax and tax review, tax complain cases, financial accounting, finance consulting, tax and financial planning services, foreign currency repartition consultancy and others.
The coronavirus has changed several traditional businesses and operation and virtual operations has become optional for different activities including for the bureaucracy.
Planning and Development Commission recently stated that it has revisited its ten year development plan, Ten Year Perspective Development Plan, because of COVID 19.
Fitsum Assefa, Commissioner of PDC, recently told Capital that PDC gives emphasis on technology and innovation, research and development, and develop resilient system on its ten year development plan.