CCD boss given a month to hand over homes


Messele Haile (PhD), the founder of Country Club Developers (CCD), appeared before the Federal High Court’s 6th Civil Bench on January 14, 2019. He was summoned to testify in a case regarding delayed homes that the court had previously ordered be finished.
Messele told the court that he is trying his best to hand over the houses but that he needed three more months to finish installation work. Messle’s excuse for the current delay is ordering material to complete the homes from abroad as a package deal along with many other items.
Lawyers for the six plaintiffs refused the defendant’s request, stating that enough time had been given. They also demanded he be detained until he complies with the court order.
CCD was taken to the Federal High Court to execute a ruling given in their favor on January 1. In their initial agreement, the homes which lay on 1,000sqm, would be handed over within 18 months. After ten years of court battles the applicants accepted the final ruling and agreed amicably that the real estate company should deliver the houses within 16 months, granting 4 additional months for the import process. However the 16 months passed and then nine more months and still no homes appeared. So at that point the creditors applied to the court to force the execution.
CCD was also fined for failure to deliver the homes on time. They were ordered to pay 10 percent of the initial contract.
The applicants also sued for 30,000 birr for every month of delay in damages. This amounts to over one million Birr.
The judge granted just one more month for the developer to hand over the homes. The case was adjourned until February 14.