CCD real-estate founder summoned to court


Messele Haile (PhD), founder of the Country Club Developers (CCD), has been summoned to court after people asked for his arrest.
The complainants appeared in court on January 1.
The plaintiffs had paid for six houses each resting on 1,000sqm of land and had been waiting for them over a ten year period. They then sued the real estate company and eventually the Federal High Court ruled in their favor. The court ordered the real estate company to deliver the houses in 16 months.
They were given four more months to complete the import process but still no house materialized. Then, 5 months later the creditors went to the court to force the company to deliver the homes.
Lawyers for CCD told the judge that they couldn’t deliver the houses on time because of the foreign currency shortage and the quality of products the company use for finishing materials.
The applicants wanted over one million birr in damages calculated at 30,000 birr every month of delay in getting the homes.
The applicants also reported to the court that they sent CCD three different letters notifying the company that it had failed to live up to its end of the bargain.
Tamagn Beyene, the lawyer for CCD said that it is illegal to arrest the general manager because he acted in good faith and forces beyond his control caused the company to be unable to finish the house.