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Civil Society Commission to be overseen by Executive Branch

After the draft of the Civil Society (CSO) proclamation was finished by the advisory committee the Attorney General’s Office decided that a Civil Society Commission should be established to respond to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).
The advisory council passed by one vote the decision to have the commission respond to the parliament. The working group, which is responsible for preparing the draft, and presenting the document to the council, initially, wanted the Commission to respond to the OAG, according to the Deputy Attorney General Gediyon.
“As the Commission is a regulatory organ, but not a democratization organ in the constitution, we decided to change the draft for the commission to respond to the Executive Branch,” he told Capital. “We believe the content of the proclamation is the main issue not the response and we will consider the recommendation of the council in other matters.”
Also the recently amended proclamation that governs the powers and responsibilities of the executive, the CSO Agency was mandated to respond to the Executive Branch, specifically to the OAG.

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