Condo lottery to be held for houses at beginning stage


A new committee is being formed from the management and staff of the housing agency in order to hold the lottery draw for houses in the footing stage.
The new rules which have been formulated by the Ababa Housing Development & Administration Agency will apply to the new condos which are expected to be constructed at the center and the outskirts of Addis Ababa.
This doesn’t mean that the winners will receive the houses at the footing stages rather they will make a committee and follow up the construction of the houses to be completed on time.
Currently, condo houses are transferred in the finishing stages although the construction takes a long time and winners have waited at least a year after the lottery draw.
Sources from the committee told Capital that any contractors working on the construction will be terminated if they don’t complete their work on time.
“The main idea behind holding the lottery draw of the houses at the footing stages is to stretch a better controlling system, if people know where their house is located they will push the contractors to do their job on time and in addition to that the government will have a supervisor which will follow the job. Two follow ups from the government and the owner means the supervision of the house construction will be better.’’
“The new mandatory rule which the committee will apply is, if the contractors fail to complete the house without a tangible reason, the committee will take the project f from them and give it to another contractor.
In other related news, people who got condo houses in the recent condo draw are complaining that some youth are asking them for money when they go to see their houses.
A man who got a condo in Koye Fetche and asked for anonymity told Capital “a group of men came to me when I went to Koye Fetche to see my house, they asked me 500 birr to see it and I gave it to them because I had no option there were no security people.”
Currently near 100,000 condo houses are being built around the disputed Koye Fetche sites and 20,000 houses of 40/60 around Bole Hayat and Bole Arabssa but over 820,000 people still are waiting houses in both schemes.
Recently the administration retook 200 hectares from investors including 54 hectares of the MIDROC fenced land but no plan has been made so far as to which places will be used for condo construction.
So far the government has constructed less than 170,000 houses but more than one million people need houses.