Dashen Bank signs agreement with SNV to promote SMEs


Dashen bank has signed a memorandum of understanding with SNV, a Netherlands Development organization, to promote youth engaged in Micro and Small scale enterprises in Tigray and Amhara regional states.
The agreement was signed at the Headquarters of Dasehn Bank between Tibebu Solomon, Chief Retail and MSME of the Bank and Mesfin Tadesse Deputy Country Director of SNV Netherlands Development.
Following the signing of the agreement, Afework Gugsa, Director – Retail and MSME, said the accord targets to benefit 240,000 youth.
“Our partnership with SNV-RAYEE, aims to benefit women and youth to become successful entrepreneurs. This is an investment that offers many opportunities to improve the livelihoods of youth engaged in MSME through facilitating access to financial services contributing to a firm foundation for the national economy,’’ Afework said.
He further noted that the project would last for five years and will also back coaching opportunities for the youth to build the saving skill and capacity for success.
Aligned with Dasehn Bank’s social responsibility plan, it will be implemented for five years with a focus on improving employment services and labor market outcomes for youth.
As stated in the agreement, the agreement will facilitate financial and technical support for young women (70%) and men leading micro and small scale enterprises and engaged mainly in agribusiness and other activities.