Detergent factory shut for health, environmental concerns


A Chinese detergent factory in Alme Gena has been shut down after the Ministry of Trade found that the company produced low quality products and distributed it to the market without obtaining the proper license.
The company which produced soap and powder detergent under the brand name Lavi and Panda was closed last week. Depending on laboratory studies further legal action may be taken.
Earlier this month the Ministry of Trade began an investigation after receiving complaints that people using the detergent were having health problems and that it could cause environmental damage.  Inspection officers for the Ministry told Capital that the company sold the product without getting approval from the appropriate government body.
“Results showed that the samples were sub-standard and taken from Mercato. When we first went to the company some employees tried to prevent us from entering but we finally moved inside the company and found that there were unlawful activities occurring.”
The inspectors would not reveal the name of the company.
In related news the inspectors added that road sheet products coming from the eastern part of the country are being distributed improperly.
The sheets are lower quality and below standard. They are being sold to rural farmers at a very low price and coming from unknown suppliers.
“The products are very thin and are not coated with proper painting we have found several sheets in the market and we will work to stop this.’’
“The bad part of using the product is they are easily pierced by small objects and which leads to additional cost for the customers. The reflection that comes off the sheet could cause additional problems as well.”