Ethio-Telecom urges SIM Card ownership transfer


The sole Tele communication operator, Ethio-telecom continues to urge its customers to make SIM card ownership transfers as it is one of the tools used to accelerate the journey of digitalization and apart of the customer service improvements that the institution is implementing.
As the statement of the telecom service provider indicates, there are large amount of service subscribers using SIM cards subscribed by other user names.
Customers who do not transfer SIM card ownership in their name will find it difficult to accommodate additional services. Therefore, these services cannot be processed unless the person who issued the SIM card has previously requested for ownership transfer.
“In addition to customer abuse, SIM registration is important for both the company and its customers as it can also generate revenue from the service since the number of concerned customers is not insignificant,” the Tele communication operator stated.
“Besides allowing the actual user to benefit from the wide range of services provided to facilitate connectivity through mobile phones when customers use SIM cards subscribed by other user names, it makes difficult to get bank related services which may include mobile banking and other and also to participate in lottery opportunities through mobile numbers,” Ethio-Telecom added.
To solve the problem Ethio –telecom started the works for ownership transfer for the past two years, but they have not completed this activity citing the fact that customers may not be able to come to the mall due to the global pandemic and other various reasons. However, currently Ethio-telecom has rejuvenated the work as a campaign to finalize the transfer which will be beneficial to its customers.
Regardless of the company not currently setting a deadline, a deadline is to be set in future which is will be announced through media outlets.
However, it is advisable for customers to immediately contact Ethio Telecom’s sales centers and register their SIM card in their name as the above mentioned problems may occur at any time.
In addition, unnamed customers may find it difficult to obtain a replacement SIM when their service is interrupted for example, when their mobile phone is stolen or lost.
To transfer SIM ownership customers are required to bring a working SIM card to the sales center. They are further required to complete and sign the contract for the transfer of ownership. Furthermore, a time limit of a year is set if transfer of ownership is done without the consent of the other. Ethio-telecom currently serves 46.2 million subscribers.