Ethiopia, Djibouti collaborate to promote tourism

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

A four-day high-level Ethio-Djibouti tourism forum which targeted to strengthen strategic partnership between the two countries was held in Addis Ababa from 9th to 12th of February 2021.
Ethiopian and Djiboutian Ministers of tourism as well as other officials and experts from the respective countries participated in the forum.
In her opening remarks, Ethiopian Minister of Culture and Tourism, Hirut Kassaw said Ethiopia and Djibouti have a long-standing people-to-people relationship on the top of a multifaceted cooperation including culture and tourism.
Hirut affirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to strengthen the strategic collaboration for mutual benefits, adding that the countries need to work closely to harmonize the tour operations and information exchanges.
Ethiopia and Djibouti have abundant natural, cultural and historical resources to attract international tourists with the fully electrified railway which connects Addis Ababa and Djibouti that would facilitate tourism development between the two countries.
“Tourism cannot be accomplished by a single county rather it needs coordinated efforts, so organizing such forums are critical to use opportunities and to fighting challenges together,” she stated.
Minister of Urban Planning, Environment and Tourism of Djibouti, Mohamed Abdoulkader said for his part that Djibouti remains optimistic about the future of tourism development between the two neighboring countries.
He further said that the existing partnership between Ethiopia and Djibouti will allow the countries to combine their expertise in terms of tourism development.
“Ethiopia is a great civilization which has historical and diversified culture and has plenty of UNESCO registered heritages,” the minister stated.
Djibouti has also a wonderful tourism sites, the Minister said, adding that the partnership between the two nations will further unlock the sector since tourism now established itself as the key economic element.