Ethiopia prohibits alcohol ads


The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) passed a draft bill restricting smoking in public places and banning alcohol advertisements on billboards and broadcast media.
The parliament ratified the bill after a long debate. It bans advertising on broadcast media totally.
In a bid to discourage the consumption of alcoholic drinks, the bill further puts stringent restrictions on advertising and promotion of alcohol, the bill states.
Previously, the bill intended to limit advertisement via broadcasting media during the night time only. Drinks with an alcohol volume of over 10 percent would be banned.
“We know the impact this has on the entertainment industry, however we share the concern of saving the next generation” Mesfin Getachew told Capital.
The ban may open the door for indirect advertisements placed in TV shows and movies, Mesfin adds.
The bill puts multiple limitations on advertisement and sales of tobacco and alcohol.
The new law also bans smoking within 100 meters of public and work places, health institutions and youth recreational centers.
The ratified bill also bans anyone from selling alcoholic drinks to people under 21.
The proclamation states that tobacco products are to have warning messages displayed on no less than 70pc of the packaging. It also prohibits any form of tobacco advertising on the packages.
A report released by Global Adults Tobacco Survey states that 3.4 million adults currently use tobacco in Ethiopia.