Ethiopian tax experts form new association


Ethiopian Tax experts gathered to form an Association to develop the field and to solve the problems of improper tax management in the nation. Former ERCA employees, academicians, tax lawyers, and auditors will be members.
The association is in the final stages of finalizing an articles and memorandums of the association which should be finished in a month.
Yohannes Woldegbrel, a well-known tax lawyer, is among the committee members working on the association and he believes lack of knowledge and experience affects tax revenue.
“The ERCA has a high retention rate and but lack of skills has become a major point of contention,” he said. “We want to be part of the solution, he added.”
The Association may take over some monitoring responsibilities in the form of a delegation.
Yohannes hopes the new tax agency directive will be approved. This way they will be able to help tax payers with more issues and provide better services.
“We are also planning to advise the authority as many respected professionals are members,” he said.
About 60 tax professionals attended the summit held at Jupiter hotel.