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Expo 2020 Uniting the world in optimism for a better future

Dubai is set to welcome Ethiopian delegation at the Expo 2020 in October next year, with the event opening the door to future visits.
Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to be the largest such event to be held in the Middle East and Africa and it will be held under the theme “Connecting Minds – Creating the Future.”
The Expo will have a pavilion for Ethiopia to showcase its achievements in agricultural innovation and sustainability. Apart from Ethiopia all other African countries confirmed their attendance.
“Africa is undergoing a dynamic socio-economic and political transformation. There is a lot happening on the continent but the world is yet to hear all about it. It is time to take charge of Africa’s narrative and reclaim its rightful place at the global arena”. Dr. Madueke, Levi Uche, Head of the African Union (AU) Strategic Partnerships Office & Commissioner General for AU’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai, in his opening remarks at the 3rd Annual Conference of the African Union Interactive Platform for Partnerships Coordination (AU-IPPC) organized to project the African Union participation at the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai.
“The African Union has been designated as a key partner and stakeholder by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government, which has graciously offered a pavilion to the AU as well as committed to a strong spirit of collaboration and co-creation during every step leading to Expo 2020,” indicated Dr. Madueke. He further highlighted that “the AU Pavilion provides an opportunity for the world to understand AU’s institutional history, continental development and represents a platform for Africa to tell her story to the world.”
“We will tell the world about how safe it is to do business in Africa with guaranteed return on investment. We will tell the world about the assets and opportunities that exist in Africa. We will tell the world how we have positioned Africa to promote green growth and industrialization aimed at changing our prospects from a continent known for its abundant natural resources to a continent that trades with the world, trades amongst itself and engages the world in profitable business, mutual beneficial alliances and win-win partnerships” he emphasized in the conclusion of his keynote address.
The international event is organised by the Paris-based Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), and will see over 192 countries showcasing the various ways they plan to bring about scientific, technological, economic and social progress as well as experience the “UAE’s values of inclusion, tolerance and cooperation,” according to the organizers.
Dubai’s government have already spent over USD 40 billion on major infrastructure projects related to the Expo, including a new USD 2.9 billion metro line and an expansion to a new airport near the Expo site.
The event is expected to give the UAE an economic boost of over USD 33 billion.
This week, the UAE also welcomes country representatives from all over the world to discuss the final steps on the journey to Expo 2020 Dubai – a global opportunity to ensure an optimistic future for all.
Preparations for The World’s Greatest Show, opening in less than 11 months, are in full swing and the fourth International Participants Meeting, the largest to date, will see almost 1,000 delegates from around the world set out their commitment to contributing to a huge collaborative effort to change our future for the better. Indeed, Expo 2020 could not come at a more opportune moment.

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