Former Ethiopian Ambassador to Morocco awarded Alawite Wissam of Order of Grand Officer

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The Embassy of Morocco to Ethiopia has awarded Yeshi Tamrat former Ethiopian Ambassador to Morocco the Alawite Wissam of the Order of Grand officer for her successful delegation in Rabat on Thursday November 26, 2020.
Granted to her by King Mohammed VI at the end of her mission in the Kingdom of Morocco the award was presented by Ambassador Nezha Alaoui M.Hammid, ambassador of Morocco to Ethiopia and Djibouti.

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The ceremony was held in Addis Ababa on Thursday in the presence of officials, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament and members of the diplomatic corps.
Nezha Alaoui M’Hammdi underlined that this royal decoration, one of the most prestigious of the Kingdom awarded to top foreign personalities, is recognition of the distinguished and significant contribution of Yeshi Tamrat Bitew to the strengthening of relations between Morocco and Ethiopia.
Ambassador Yeshi remarked that she was very pleased to receive the award adding that the relation between Morocco and Ethiopia has been showing significant progress from time to time, including the strong cooperation in the agricultural sector.
She mentioned the increasing Moroccan investment in Ethiopia for the past two years including investments by Anwar Invest Group and Holmarcom Group, the country’s top investors.
According to her, the agreement signed between the two countries has helped to improve the tie in the economic sector.
Ethiopia mostly imports fertilizer from Morocco, while the latter has huge market for coffee and oil seeds, which constitute the major export items of Ethiopia.
According to her, preparation to export these items to Morocco including facilitating transport and other facilities is being undertaken.
“Ethiopia has a lot to learn from morocco including its industrialization and modern farming,” Yeshi said as she expressed how Morocco has had a positive acceptance to the current political reform of Ethiopia.

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Ambassador Yeshi was recalled from Morocco on March, this year.
The Alawite Wissam of the Order of Grand officer is a military decoration of Morocco which is bestowed by the King of Morocco to those civilians and military officers who have displayed heroism in combat or have contributed meritorious service to the Moroccan state, granted to her by King Mohammed VI at the end of her mission in the Kingdom.