Improving agriculture, improving lives


The second national Agricultural Technique and Vocational Education and Trainings (ATVET) conference was held in Adama and consisted of discussions with schools and the Agricultural Transformation through Stronger Vocational Education (ATTSVE) project.
Partners around the world gathered and four colleges presented their progress report. Dalhousie University, Jimma University, McGill University and Mennonite Economic Development Associates of Canada (MEDA) are the partners.
In their report, the vocational schools stressed that the project helped them get the chance to improve their education. The gender-sensitive environment in the schools helped women who were students and teachers reach their potential. Strong gender offices have been established and sustainably funded by the project.
During the opening, a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture welcomed the attendants while stressing that improving agriculture is a pillar of economic growth and alleviating poverty.
“The government has produced more than 85,000 agricultural development agents from its 25 agro TEVTs,” Germame Geruma said.
ATTSVE has helped the schools provide laboratories, demonstration sites, and ICT infrastructure.”
Germame thanked the government of Canada which funded the project.
Representing Dalhousie University, the acting manager of international relations in the agricultural facility, said the exchange of scholars has been helpful.
“Students came here for an internship program this can help both the Canadian and Ethiopian students exchange their experience” he said.
“When we launched the project there were some delays especially due to lack of foreign exchange and extended procurement procedures,” said Paul Kasanga, manager of the project. “I also hope there will be a continuation of the efforts to be sustainable. Woreta, Maichew, Wolaita Soddo and Nejjo are where the project is now.