Mekelle University tops Huawei ICT competition


Huawei announced the winners of the Ethiopia’s second ICT competition. The four-month contest engaged 4,000 students from 20 academic universities throughout the country.
The two best students will attend a global competition at Huawei’s headquarters in China. Mekelle University grabbled all three awards including best instructor and best university.
Three universities received awards recognizing the number of students they were able to engage in the race. Adigrat University topped this category followed by Aksum and Deretabor.
“We are very happy to provide such a unique opportunity for students and teachers to interact with their peers and upgrade their ICT skills,” said Huawei Ethiopia Director, Ted Mengyu.
The competition consists of thee parts- first, intermediary and final stage. In the first stage ICT examinations were conducted by selected universities and the top three qualified students were shortlisted. In the second phase shortlisted students competed in the intermediary competition, in the presence of Huawei officials and the top 10 students from the intermediary stage competed in the final national race.
Aiming to raise capacity of students in the technical skills Huawei and Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MOSHE) established academies which are going to provide students an opportunity to practice theoretical education. Starting in 2017, 33 universities registered to open an ICT academy in collaboration with Huawei, but active academies are said to be 16. Huawei provides materials to these ICT laboratories especially for its products. Focusing on networking the Huawei academies provide small funds for students who want to take certifications. Huawei trains two teachers every year from each university.
Representing the Ministry Zelalaem Assefa, stressed that students must focus on certification before graduation as in the ICT career credentials. He applauded Mekelle University for taking the initiative in certifying students for the past ten years. He also told participants to work on ICT clubs and share their experience upon their return.
Students who are short listed in the top 20 received certificates from the Huawei Academy Director Rahel Belay, while the top 6 students received awards.
Winners for the second edition of the ICT competition will face competitors from 40 countries. They will be heading to Chania in the coming few weeks, according to the data obtained from the organizers.