Net & Com introduces new technological futures


NET & COM, Information and Technology Center introduce new technological features LMS (learning management system mElimu) a cloud based technology from India and Robot MEA (robot Middle East, Africa) South Korea products “Robotami” for creative education. As Mesfin Bekele Managing Director of net and com said “all these new features help developing a creative education system.”
Robotami is collection of educational robot kits with different series and varieties of robot product types for different levels. Robotami has coding session and STEAM classes compromising of four stages of basic intermediate, advanced and profound said Mesfin “It helps for abundant education by shaping the future of youth for an educational model that seeks to achieve creative convergence by combining science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.”
mElimu is a SCORM compliant solution with in-built Asynchronous and Blended Learning Methodology, Learning method Applications and Admission Auto Application Approval/Rejection Student Profiling Selection Process on Boarding, Practice Quiz and Exercises with Feedback for instant gratification Assignments with Video Interactive Questions Submit Assignments, Periodic Reminders and Alerts for Assignments and Quizzes Get Video feedback from teachers on submitted assignments. mElimu is expected to addresses major obstacles in rolling out equitable learning opportunities efficiently and cost-effectively. mElimu has offline and online learning platform institutions learning system which overcomes the challenges of limited electricity, high-speed Internet, and hardware availability by leveraging multiple content dissemination channels, such as mobile, web, and tablet platforms.
By applying this system schools, universities, training centers, organizations would be beneficiary in terms of improving quality, by providing student centric education, save capital expenditures, utilizing the existing resources, rapid expansion in new geographies and new short courses, without capital investment increased student to teacher ratio with modern tools and supporting analytics save recurring expenses with improved staff efficiency save on wastages around the system due to lose controls increase revenue by attracting more self-sponsored. For students it can be one place to get all alerts and reminders, send audio and text messages, anti-plagiarism tools to help identify copied assignments, course level real-time analytics topic level and paragraph level analytics for timely intervention grade and send video feedback to students and value addition to teachers.
Net and Com usually works on software solutions, cyber security, data center and infrastructure.