Private Health Association asks for better PPP


The Addis Ababa Private Health Facilities employers’ association (AAPHEA) is asking for a better private public partnership (PPP) to improve health care service facilities in Ethiopia.
AAPHEA thinks that PPP helps health care providers improve services. It allows for better coverage, quality and infrastructure, and develops healthier communities.
AAPHEA is working closely with the public and private sector to improve health care. They previously lobbied for consistent health care standards that the Ministry of Health mandated in 2014. The standards largely address physical structures like the size of the room, number of rooms that service providers must have. It also requires health facilities to have a laboratory, hire licensed professionals at all levels and to hire a professional midwife.
“The association was engaged with the health office to revise some of the standards that did not did not take into account the actual capacity of private health care operators,” says Zelalem Fisseha
According to the President, by helping to revise the standards AAPHEA increased the survival rate of private facilities even though a long journey remains. Health care is still challenged by access to finance, foreign exchange, and medical imports.
Established in 2014, the association has members from private health institutions, medical health colleges, diagnostic and imaging centers, pharmaceutical importers and drug stores with the objectives of advocacy, policy issues and to work on improving the skills of health care providers.
Amir Aman (MD) Ministry of health disclosed in his recent tweets the need for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in selected health services in areas of laboratory imaging, sterilizing and laundry, pathology and pre hospital emergency care will begin soon after the proposal is accepted by the Minister of Finance.