Prominent business individuals’ saga continues


The Federal Attorney General (FAG) filed another separate criminal charge on prominent business individuals.
The Federal First Instant Court has issued a court order on Temesgen Yilma, a prominent personality in the luxury butchery industry in the country, to appear at the Kirkose Criminal 5th Bench in relation to the FAG charge. The order claimed that Temesgen and Bezawit Legesse assaulted Haileyesus Mengistu, who is well known for his firm Cosmo Trading PLC and New York Café business, on August 24 at Kessem Trading office located at Wollo Sefer.
It is recalled that the FAG filed another case on Temesgen and other nine individuals and companies at the Federal High Court- Lideta Criminal Bench of which the case is currently ongoing.
The previous criminal case that was filed late September is also in relation with Haileyesus and his company, and it is also related on the allegation of involvement with eight criminal acts including money laundering, financing of terrorism, illegally confiscating others property and illegal money transfer.
The latest criminal charge the Attorney General filed for the Federal First Instant Court claimed that the two individuals assaulted the victim at the office, but did not indicated whose office it is.
According to the court order the case hearing will happen at Kirkose Criminal 5th Bench on December 22.
The individuals that were sued in the previous charge are Haregewoyne Tedla, Azeb Miretab, Efrem Mulatu, Temesgen Yilma, Adefres Habte, Daniel Tibebu and Mesfin Asmamaw. The companies included on the charge file are; JJ Properties Management PLC, TTH Trading PLC and Boston Real-estate.
The file indicated that the individuals were involved in an illegal act that entailed forceful confiscation of a seven floor hotel property owned by Cosmo Trading PLC. The property is located at Wolo Sefer, Bole and was confiscated as collateral for the compensation of a loan.