Solution oriented ecommerce platform to launch early 2022


Amole payment platform comes up with MyAmole Marketplace- an online ecommerce solution connecting buyers and sellers, which will be launched early 2022.
“MyAmole Marketplace is a platform for numerous venders, promotes their products and services virtually on the MyAmole Marketplace platform. It is also an E- payment platform for both local and international customers,” said Biniyam Alemayehu, Channel Manager for Amole.
On the new ecommerce solution; supermarkets, mobile manufacturing companies, electronics manufacturing and importers companies, leather product manufacturing firms, traditional clothes producers, stationeries materials importers or manufacturing firms, beauty and personal care product producers or importers, hotels, resorts and guest house, airlines companies, bus and train transportation companies, delivery service companies, and online video game developer are said to be key partners (vendors).
“All venders have a portal for uploading pictures of products and managing it virtually. All venders get support from the MyAmole Marketplace platform for handling their virtual store, and customers can get products from various vendors from Ethiopia as well as Kenya and Dubai through web site and application (android and IOS) of MyAmole Marketplace,” said Biniyam.
Amole has partnered with PupaClic technologies based in Canada and India to develop MyAmole Marketplace. MyAmole Marketplace is working to integrate its system with different delivery companies which will be measured by Service Level Agreement (SLA) and level of service expected from them as well as penalties they agree regarding the services they should not provide for the customer.
DHL, Eshi Express Delivery, Zmall, Ethiopian Postal Service, UPS, Aramex and others are key logistics companies on the platform.
Consumers can get women’s fashion, girls’ fashion, men’s fashion, kids fashion, grocery & food, home & kitchen appliances, computers & accessory, electronics, art & crafts, beauty & personal care, books, sport tools & gears for outdoor recreation, music, CD & video and video game besides its tremendous product range.
Amole has made every possible attempt to customize the buyer experience by providing value added service for customers such as micro credit (buy now and pay later), micro insurance, booking flight, hotel, train and bus ticket services.
“MyAmole Marketplace minimizes problems merchants and consumers face during trading such as limited number of customers, high cost of promotion for the products and service, limitation of place and time,” explained Biniyam.
Addis Ababa city and surrounding areas is the primary target markets for Amole. Additionally neighboring African countries, Europe, North and South America, Middle East are the secondary target markets.
Amole is an Omni channel payment and commerce platform owned by Moneta Technologies and provided by Dashen Bank to which its customers use it to interact with the bank through various channels such as mobile, internet, USSD, all with the same username and password.
Currently, Amole has about 2.7 million customers, where about 20 percent of the users are expected to be customers to MyAmole Marketplace and about 1000 venders are expected to be members. More than 80 eco-system partners are integrated with the platform.
Additional to Amole, consumers can make payment through telebirr and MasterCard.