The advancements in Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis


The government reaffirmed that the gangsters under the TPLF will be dismantled shortly and rule of law and peace will be prevailed in the area.
It has disclosed several successes have been achieved in the operation held in the northern part of the country since the gangsters launched an offensive act on the Ethiopian Defense Force on Tuesday November 4.
The government disclosed that the operation is focusing on librating areas that were controlled by the gangsters force and encircled illegal actors some of whom have already been charged on treason and other massive criminal acts by the Federal Attorney General.
Redwan Hussein (Amb), State of Emergency Task Force Spokesperson, told media on Tuesday November 10 that the TPLF has crossed the non-negotiable red line in attacking the northern command based in Meqele and other parts of Tigray region.
“In Meqele we do not have combatant military personnel except health workers and administrative staffs. In other posts we have soldiers but the attack actually occurred simultaneously in several posts, in Meqele and thus it was easier because we do not have several troops. But in other areas they try to execrate themselves, first repealing the attack and protecting themselves and as a result they manage to escape and retreat in some area in the Eritrean border and other areas,” Redwan said.
“In some post it took three days for the force to keep itself safe from attack and additional forces arrived and rescue them,” he added.
According to Redwan, on November 5, the gang issued a declaration that it had armed itself with weaponry including missiles, which they took from the defense force as they stated that they shall attack anybody whoever comes to face them.
“This shows the account of who began the conflict in the first place,” he said.
He said that if Ethiopia has to sustain like any country; rule of law has to be reviled, the constitution has to be appealed and has to make assured not any entity, a group or individual, whether armed or not could not be runamok and become the law to self.
“So a country has to be run by the rule of law. Therefore,any region or district has toabide by the constitution and the federal government has a moral and constitutional right and obligation to make sure that happens,” he added.
The ongoing operation in Tigray Regional State targets mainly to salvage the whole nation and prevail the rule of law in the land.
“The very objective of this operation are three, it includes; making sure those who are involved in treason face legal measures, and to make sure that any weaponry taken by the illegal group to be possessed by the government, who is responsible to control the arms, and lastly to impose the rule of law in the area,” the Spokesperson said.
Stating the damage of having dangerous arsenal in regional state and TPLF junta group alone, Redwan said one of the objectives of the continuing operation is disarming the arsenals which are in the hands of the group.
He appreciated the concept of negotiation that the government had tried in its best to solve the difference, but the group of gangs at TPLF refused. He added that the upcoming talk will be going based on the end of the operation that the government set to accomplish on the latest rule of law mission.
“We may talk when the three targets that the government set to attain have been achieved, that is, the rule of law restored, the hostage freed and arms obtained with the gang members arraigned into the legal process,” he explained.
He said that in the eve of the attack the regional leader called the Prime Minister and had a conversation on handling the issue amicably. The PM just promised him that they can manage issues in cordial way.
He underlined that the Defense Force that retreated, have regrouped and come back to engage in offensive attack and have since ceased several areas. Since the press conference was given the government disclosed that its forces have controlled massive areas and strategic towns and plots from the gang force.