Trade competition bench stuck for two months


The Trade Practices and Consumers ‘Protection Authority’s administrative court ceased functioning for more than two months because one judge resigned. A proclamation stipulates that director of the TCCPA should report in a timely manner to the Ministry of Trade which should then alert the Prime Minister who is responsible for appointing the judge.
The former judge, named Bruh Gemeda, went to the United Kingdom for school which was paid for by the UK government, he agreed to serve for two years after leaving the UK program. He applied for 30 days leave on September 11 so that would have meant he was expected to return on October 10.
Normally Judges are not granted annual leave and instead compensated financially for their unused leave, employees told Capital. Labor law entitles them to annual leave but the bench does not have enough judges to hear cases when one is missing.
“We sent the issue to the ministry of trade immediately when the judge resigned, and the Ministry informed the Prime Minister’s Office,” said Michael Teklu, Director of the TCCPA. “When the new Minister was appointed the issue was dropped because it wasn’t presented to her. We talked to her last week and we hope the judge will be appointed soon.” He also recalled that two letters were written to the ministry in addition asking them about the matter verbally.
Capital spoke via telephone with Fetlework Gebregziabher, Minister Trade, who said she is not familiar with the matter, as she was appointed less than a month ago.
Michael said the establishment proclamation is under an amendment. They may be able to appoint another judge after a study is done however the authority has not considered the issue yet.