Trending in court Tesfaye Urge’s other claim, attempt to assassinate a head of state, remains open


The Federal High Court 10th Criminal Bench granted further investigation time for police over Tesfaye Urge’s file. The suspect, who allegedly attempted to assassinate the Prime Minister, is being tried at the Federal First Instance Court.
After the last adjournment the police didn’t bring the suspect to this court as he appeared to be in another allegation in the high court where he will have to appear after 14 days, starting from last Monday.
Also, the same bench of the FHC adjourned the case of M/G Kinfe Dagnew until December 19, to grant police extra time for investigation. The investigation team presented various transactions suspected to be deceptions by the former CEO, Kinfe. The police also presented the case of a contract between the Alem Fitsum and the Corporation.
In addition, the bench entertained the case of Yared Zerihun, former Security Intelligence Office Deputy Head, and granted the 14 days of further investigation for police to be calculated since December 5. Yared was suspected of involvement in various human rights violation throughout the nation and allegedly abused his power.
The busy 10th criminal bench has approved the request of police to finalize its investigation over the case of M/G Kinfe Dagne’s brother, Essays Dagne and it has adjourned until the 20th of December. Kinfe was suspected of causing damage to the public by abusing power in allegedly awarding a tower construction deal to MeTEC, while he was working in Ethio-Telecom.
The same bench heard the case of TV show host, Fitsum Yeshitela, an adjourned the hearing to 23rd of December granting police additional time for investigation, rejecting the suspects’ bail right claim.