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WARYT to open mattress factory in Adama

Through a joint venture with an Oman company named Raha, local WARYT Plc will open a mattress factory in the next six months.
The joint venture factory dubbed ‘OMETZ Furniture Manufacturing’ which is on 60,000sqm of land will produce 40,000 mattresses per year.
The factory which will consume 8 million birr will source 50 percent of its working materials from the local market.
The Oman family business company has been manufacturing mattresses for hotels and households.
Tihetena Legesse, Managing director of WARYT told Capital that the new factory will create jobs for 100 people.
“The work force will increase as we increase our production and use local products. We plan on making inner spring and foam mattresses.  Soon we will install the machines and get to work.”
She added that the new factory will consider manufacturing pillows and furniture products later.
“ We can import finished  mattresses from abroad but that is not our plan, we  need to produce in the local market to save foreign  exchange and to reach our immense potential .’’
Two basic types of mattresses make up the vast majority of the todays’ market: The  innerspring and memory foam. Made of steel coils, innerspring is, by far, the most common type. Memory foam, on the other hand, is made from polyurethane or latex foam, and is very dense foam
WARYT is widely known for its manufacturing, import and distribution of household and Office Furniture, Home Appliances and WARYT CERAGEM.
Waryt Mulutila International plc, also delivered materials such as bonding straps to Muday Charity Association. They also have made bags and helped some school children between 2 and 12 to obtain school supplies in collaboration with Mary Joy Development Association to help and facilitate their school needs.

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