Water conference held in Egypt


Experts and policy makers from throughout the world gathered for Cairo Water Week (CWW) at the Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel from October 14 to 18 to hold talks and present scientific papers. The theme was ‘Water Conservation for Sustainable Development’. There were five sub themes which featured topics presented by well-known regional and international organizations.
One of these sub themes was ‘water management for sustainable development’ which included several topics about integrating the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It focused on presenting innovative solutions on water related management, sharing experience on integrated water management, and addressing new approaches of using and properly managing non-conventional water resources.
Climate change and the environment was another of the five sub topics that grabbed significant attention and featured talks from experts.
Since the issue has become a major challenge for the world the climate and environment and its impact on water resources and livelihood it has been shared on the week with sharing of good water management that shall mitigate the challenge and presenting cases and success stories.
The trans-boundary water governance and benefit sharing was also discussed during the water week. The sub theme talked about the governance challenges on trans-boundary cooperation in relation to climate change adaptation and water scarcity. Others experiences like USA and Mexico have been shared in relation to trans-boundary water resource cooperation.
In this sub theme the project that runs in Ethiopia, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is built on Tiqur Abay (Blue Nile), was discussed.
The water scarcity, health, sanitation challenges and opportunities, and science, technology and innovation were the other sub topics covered during the five day international event. Besides the discussion sessions, exhibitions were also opened.
According to the organizers, CWW is considered the biggest water related event in Egypt and is planned to be organized annually by the ministry of water Resources and Irrigation in collaboration with national, regional and international partners.
Parallel with the CWW and stated sub topics several regional and international events like the first African Water Young Professionals Forum were undertaken. The Delta Coalition which is comprised of 13 countries including Egypt also held its 3rd the ministerial meeting. The Coalition is a platform for discussion, exchange, innovation and creativity between the participating members and observers contributing as much as possible to the agreed objectives.
In addition the first EU-Egypt water cooperation day was held for two days from October 17. The cooperation day including the water business forum which includes representatives from the Egyptian and European private sectors, government bodies and key figures from the water sector with the aim to determine water’s key role in achieving sustainable economic growth and how to best meet with increasing demands and scarce resources.
The event organizer said that the activities included plenary sessions, technical sessions, workshops and special events convened with more than 20 international, regional and national organizations, and more than 30 international speakers. Around one thousand participants gathered worldwide.
The event took place through the patronage of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.