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Values Banking

After the National Bank of Ethiopia gave a green light for the establishment of Islamic banks, more than five Islamic banks are now in...

Addis land bids delayed five months over new software confusion

The Addis Ababa Land Management Bureau has not floated any land for tender during the last five months because of confusion over using new...

Strict safety rules come to construction sites

The Addis Ababa City Construction Bureau has drafted a new health safety construction regulation requiring contractors to fulfill mandatory safety materials and procedures before...

Unibra sells off shares at Zebidar to Castel

Belgian brewery, Unibra Group and Castel Group, which owns BGI Ethiopia sealed a deal to transfer Unibra’s share of the recently joined brewery Zebidar,...

Super League Ethio-Electric advocates for a new league format

Super League side Ethio-Electric joined hands with heavy weights Saint George and Ethiopia Coffee to demand a formal change of format for the coming...

GPS tracking a mandate for Cargo trucks

The customs commission will draft a law mandating that tracking devices be installed on cargo trucks as a measure to better monitor customs crossings...

We can create jobs like we plant trees PM says

The current budget year’s economic growth will be indicated by the rate of job creation. The recently formed National Investment and Employment Opportunity Lead Committee...

Dubai company gets sweet deal in sugar bid

The Sugar Corporation awarded a procurement of 100,000 metric tons of sugar for the Dubai based supplier, Al Khaleej Sugar on Friday December 1. The...

Global Innovation Catalyst wants half a million job opportunities for Ethiopians

Global Innovation Catalyst, an advisory services firm connecting countries in the AMENA (Asia, Middle East and North Africa) region is to provide over 10...

Bidding farewell

The long serving governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia, Teklewold Atnafu and Yohannes Ayalew (PhD), deputy governor were celebrated for their achievements in...
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Managing change

Great Anticipation