The demise of the modern world system continues to accelerate, as it enters the final chaotic phase. There are plenty of signs to support our conclusion. For instance, in the realm of the global economy, the usual policy of ‘kicking the can down the slope’ now requires measures that are completely outrageous. For every dollar of debt that is injected into the economy of the OECD (rich countries), only around 0.40 cents worth of GDP created. In other words, capital is being destroyed. The situation elsewhere in the world system is not a whole lot different, if proper accounting is employed. In this final phase of collapse, the sheeple (human mass) has still remained a bystander without much of a say, but that is going to change in ways that will most likely shock the world!
Since the managers of the global system are fully aware of the underlying protracted problematic, they have been hard at work trying to come up with policies they hope will postpone the day of reckoning. To this end, the plan to implement digital currency across the board seems to be in full throttle. Digital currency takes away the sovereignty of the individual, by making him/her fully dependent on centralized organizations, like banks, governments, etc. Digital money can be frozen arbitrarily in any jurisdiction. If an individual is forced to depend on regimented centralized bureaucracy, even to buy the basic necessities of life, if is clear what the impact of a full- blown digital currency regime will do to collective social existence. In today’s money system, a currency, even if its origin is complete fiat, gives the immediate holder of the currency some semblance of anonymity. As we know, tracing an individual fully operating in the cash economy has always been difficult for state bureaucrats. Therefore, any move towards the complete control of currencies/money, be it that of an individual or an entity is something state apparatchiks have always salivated for! See the articles of Greyerz on page 29.
Thanks to John Snowden, we now know that everything we do in late modernity, literally, is under surveillance and potentially traceable! Smart phones, laptops, TV sets, cards (debit/credit) etc., are some of the means the state and the corporations can (and do) easily employ to control various activities of an individual anywhere on earth. The ‘Deep State’ (DS) would have remained ineffective had it not been for such modern day electronic gizmos. Recall our definition of the DS; it is the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex. The DS is currently working on a project to implant traceable signals (solid chips, etc.) in each and every individual roaming the planet! Various pretexts are being entertained to convince the sheeple to this Frankenstein’s project. The vaccine approach is only one that is bent on leveraging the good old ‘fear and terror’. Currently, the psyche of the world’s population is being systemically softened by the DS propagandists, with the objective of subjugating the unthinking sheeple’s into complete submission. With such massively coordinated global indoctrination/brainwashing campaigns, it won’t be long before the gullible sheeple ‘willingly’ submits to many of the desires of the parasitic global elites sitting at the apex of the social pyramid, which was built with the blood and sweat of the masses!
Even the sciences are now relegated to the world of fiction and voodoo. The ongoing declared pandemic or what critical analysts are increasingly saying ‘plandemic’, is one of the many strategies employed by the DS to prepare the masses to endorse whatever is going to be declared. The latest gimmick involves the misrepresentation of the natural sciences to fit the DS’s base objectives. We can emphatically call the ongoing and suffocating pseudo scientific narrative; ‘Fake Science’! It is being pushed by numerous states, mostly at the prodding of the DS. In the current game of the plandemic, genuine science is presented as ‘conspiracy theory’; nothing new here, after all, it is the CIA itself that coined the very phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ decades back to systemically discourage critical narratives from coming to the fore. The media wing of the DS, which includes the new hi-tech social formats like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc., are now busy muzzling real science from exposing the truth about Covid-19 and other planned pandemics.
As if the above are not enough, the hegemon itself is facing all sorts of disturbances, both from within and from without. Internal chaos arising from identity politics as well as class disparity or inequality for short; is on its way of becoming psychologically entrenched, even if it can be weeded out from the streets. The USA is displaying symptomatic behavior of an empire in the process of quickened disintegration. Frantic, polarized and incapable of reaching mutually beneficial agreements with other countries, etc., the reigning hegemon looks like a clueless giant in its dying days. The two parties that dominate political governance in the US, almost exclusively at the service of the corporations and their human operators, are becoming increasingly detached from reality! The obvious lack of integrity, capacity, sincerity, sophistication and finesse, to say nothing about the continuing dishonest appreciation of the major problems of the world, are some of the disturbing scenarios of the current US led empire. Put together, the above doesn’t inspire confidence, to say the least. Given the lack of leadership within the ruling hegemon/empire able to address the major issues of our times, the world is visibly drifting towards unchartered waters!
Despite the dethroning of his grand theory, (Stephen J. Gould, Ilya Prigogine, et al.) the old scientist’s reverberations in the domain of human societies still remain relevant, particularly to those blinded by power and arrogance. ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most adaptable to change’, Charles Darwin. Here is a more recent commentary supporting our thesis. “Our collective interest in the rise and fall of empires is not academic. The meteoric rise of China and the financialization rotting out global capitalism are just two developments that suggest we are entering an era where some great powers will collapse, others will remake themselves and others will gain ascendancy.” Charles Hugh Smith. Good Day!