Why is modern human’s collective good will and deeds end up, for the most part, unfulfilled and systemically frustrated by those very ones consciously placed to facilitate their lively and virtuous expressions? We admit, the question sounds simplistic and might well be an overwhelming generalization of our myriad conditions. Nevertheless, one has to brave such reflections if one is desirous of understanding current societies’ monolithic and we might add, dangerous trajectory. Various historic systems suggest it is our inherent goodness, however circumscribed, (particularly in light of the man-eat-man social order) that can be relied upon to serve as unfaltering beacon (lightening unknown outliers) in our relentless pursuit to achieve a more harmonious collective social order!
Our considered opinion as well as emotional inclination is to assign the lion’s share of the blame (in these incessantly failing projects—to desired fulfillment) to those whose very makeup makes them inherently antagonistic to almost all concerted efforts towards the betterment of the general human condition. Again, the operating word here is ‘betterment.’ It is utilized in the direction of a more benevolent/altruistic and sustainable social order that tries to bring relative peace and stability across the world, despite the oppressive domination of chronically manipulative and materialistically fixated base that underlies it. At this point, it is wise to interject the crucial reminder; modern humans’ achievements are, literally speaking, results of cheap energy, mostly from non-renewable sources. Going back to the above main problematique, namely the recognition and avoidance of evil, we believe the whole endeavor to salvage humanity from it all, must start by tapping recent scientific findings in modern psychology/medicine, particularly in regards to the abnormal behaviors of global psychopathic and sociopathic rules.
Certain individuals ruthlessly crave to capture and retain power, at whatever expense (amply demonstrable in all modern setups). This seems to be the main underlying problem of all organized criminality, whether applied to aspects of social or material management! Oblivious to the grave danger of enabling such individuals to assume power as well as responsibility, modern societies were and still are made to pay dear price, both in lives and resource destructions. To these individuals, power doesn’t come with responsibility, but only with privileges, privileges to unleash their demented nature on all and sundry. Unless we are willing to understand the very nature of these flawed characters, we will end up repeating the same old mistakes again and again. In this regard, we can mention individuals whose names connote pure evil and unimaginable atrocities, like Hitler, etc. The many modern infrastructures, physical or otherwise, built by humanity to better its general condition, have been used (by such sick individuals) as essential tools for the continuous manipulation of the easily confusable sheeple (the human mass)! To be sure, the ultimate objectives of these psychopaths/sociopaths are (if one desires to delve into their abnormal thinking) the continuous gaming of collective humanity in whatever sadistic endeavors they deliriously want to engage in. These creatures are, in their cores, evil, anti-human and anti-life!
What are some of the tools these sickos use against the gullible and largely benevolent humanity? To start with, they know the average sheeple is always scared of change, however inevitable change is. Obviously, and speaking from the viewpoint of rationality, the whole belief in unchanging scenario is absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous as it is, it is this salient sentiment of stability, which seems to avail us a semblance of endurance and anchor, in an otherwise fluidly temporal world. Without this rather irrational conviction, the effort of engaging in wholesome societal projects (that can outlast generations) will be rendered farfetched and untenable, rationally speaking! Be that as it may, humanity’s scums of the earth (psychopaths/sociopaths) keep on relying (amongst other things) on the inherent weakness of human’s fear-of-change! Psychopaths are quite aware of this predicament and are ever ready to leverage this primordial failing of ours to the various evil deeds/ends they keep on concocting. These criminally inclined characters pose and present themselves as ‘white knights’ to save humanity from the ‘evil of change’! They falsely insinuate the capacity to keep everything unchanged, appeasing the ever-frightful sheeple. Not that they will ever deliver steady-state static phenomenon, far from it; but they keep leveraging the lie till thy kingdom comes, only to secure power. Psychopaths’ vision of life is obsessive domination tinted with parochial inclinations that are of temporal duration. The ultimate high for these sickos is riding immediate prevailing power, without the consideration of long-term consequences, however devastating these consequences are/might be to collective humanity (anti life)!
The sheeple’s desire is to instinctively secure the future, (the imperative of procreation), while the sickos want to capture the moment. That is why they unashamedly and continuously lie, as if there is no tomorrow. Sure enough, there is no tomorrow as far as they are concerned, but unfortunately the gullible sheeple seem to keep on falling for their dead-end schemes. Some manipulative systems (corporates, political entities, etc.) as well as individuals think of psychopaths as ‘useful idiots’, ‘iron hammers’, etc. to be used and abused for various dirty works of machinations, political or otherwise. Humanity, cautiously but soberly, must become acutely aware of these rare individuals and their dangerous attitudes, which are detrimental to all lives. The earlier we recognize and deal with them the better our chance of (relatively) increased survival. Admitted or not, all political entities do have such characters embedded within their membership. Hence, they must be carefully identified and eliminated, not only from core leadership, but also from the rank and file! Warnings; by proposing outlandish lies, these characters tend to portray knowledge and act knowledgeable, compared to those forthright leaders that are willing to tell difficult truth. As an example, one can compare and contrast the administration of President Carter with the actor-turned president, Ronald Reagan.
Don’t forget, the global status quo, or the more powerful core of this amalgam, namely the “deep state’, is infested with people proven to have psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies. The deep state is essentially anchored on the philosophy/principles of these destructive anti human behaviors. To recall our definition; the deep state is the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex of the strong states. In its (deep state) core essence, the above concatenation can be translated to power-money-lies. To us, this is where (almost all) the major problems of current humanity lie!