Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Whichever way one tries to look at things, one encounters, rather consistently, gross absurdities everywhere. These absurdities, unseen and unheard, at least since reason and rationality were made the guiding lights of collective human existence, have become frightfully dangerous. To be frank, the current absurdities border the realm of lunacy! What is even more disturbing is the fact that the majority of the global sheeple (human mass) still remains oblivious to these comprehensive maladies. It is now clear that dominant interests of the world order have gradually and meticulously installed numerous absurdities as the organizing principles of late modernity!
At this point in time inquiring minds are forced to look back and reflect on the overall human experience, particularly as they pertain to those eras when collective sanity was considered a blessing, rather than a bad omen to be avoided by any means! We believe this reminiscing exercise should include, amongst other things, the critical transformative phases when humans managed to subdue the uncompromising natural challenges of the planet. Drawing lessons from such ‘life and death’ experiences might shed some light on the current conundrum. After all, civilizations are stages of accomplishments that are borne from facing and overcoming adversities, be they natural or manmade! At this juncture, it is worth scrutinizing our current existence that is consciously undermining the resolve to enshrine sanity across the world. Is the existing generalized level of comfort/convenience, at least within the confines of the human universe, the culprit behind the numbing of the masses? It seems the relatively comfortable existence that became possible, mostly due to the availability of cheap/convenient energy, namely fossil fuel, has softened both the mind and flesh of modern humanity, to its peril!
Looking at our collective situation from a different perspective yields a disturbing scenario. One would think the comfort level achieved by humanity would pacify the ‘struggle for existence’, at least within the family of the dominant species. The actual reality is, unfortunately, much gloomier than that. Even in the best of times, the preoccupation of elites/leaders of organized societies seem to be the aggressive manipulation of everything so that all benefits accrue to the canny few. It seems the teaching of the mahatma has yet to sink in the psyche of entrenched interests. ‘There is enough for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed’, Gandhi. By and large, humanity’s creative capacity has been captured by the psychopaths/sociopaths of our modern world system. Since, enslaved minds do not have much of a leeway when it comes to forging new modes of existence, despite immense innate capacity, humanity is made to suffer unnecessarily. The lunatic system or the senile system, to use Samir Amin’s phrasing, is on track to completely destroy life and life support systems of the planet, while massive capacity with a potential to rectify the situation is rendered useless and idle! Late modernity has demoted critical thinking to allow space for mediocrity and stupidity to organize society, resulting in a generalized zombie-fied existence!
In the arena of modern economics/business, the situation is truly astounding. Companies that destroy capital, not only financial, are regarded as leaders in their respective sectors. Here again is Bill Bonner, a forthright and credible thinker, always trying to clarify the stupidly mystified nonsense of our world system. See his article next column. As usual, Charles Smith also has something to say about the lunatic system. See his article on page 38. We admit, relentlessly debunking the absurd narratives of the existing sick order is not for the faint hearted or light headed. Caitlin Johnstone, John White head, Adam Taggart, James Kunstler are amongst the foremost critics of the system. See the article on page 33. There aren’t many critically minded individuals who are willing to labor so that enlightenment can come to the dormant sheeple of our planet. We salute them all! To contrast the above writings with the ongoing lunacy of the establishment, we have added a recent political pronouncement of a one Mr. President of the western world. Besides showing the perverted reality of their make-believe world, it also demonstrates their usual political flip-flops. Guess who said the following? Hint; it is not an extract from Vladimir Putin’s ground breaking Munich speech (2007)!
“I would like to say that today the world is living through a historical moment; the multilateral approach is often criticized, and we should think about ways to rebuild this world and this order. This means we should look for new cooperation mechanisms that will be useful to all of us. In this case, in this context, our bilateral relations as well as relations between Russia and the European Union play a key and determinative role. I am thinking about everything that has happened over the past few decades, what has managed to drive us apart. I know that Russia is a European country in its heart of hearts. And we believe in a Europe that spreads from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The main problem is not Russia but instead the United States. With that same breath this president continued: “That readmitting Russia to the G8 would be a ‘strategic error’ and a sign of ‘weakness,’ unless the situation in Ukraine was resolved first”. President Macron of France.
Here is another clear message to us all, especially to our pompous ‘useful idiots’. “Most people like to think of themselves as occupying an ideological middle-ground, just because ‘I’m normal and you’re a freak’ is an egoically comfortable position. In reality, most of these people belong to a violent extremist ideology of endless war and corporate kleptocracy.” Caitlin Johnstone. Good Day!

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