Yemsirach Getachew


Name: Yemsirach Getachew

Education: High School Diploma

Company name: Mikil Garden

Title: Founder and manager

Founded in: 2017

What it does: Sells cactus flowers and seeds

HQ: Morning Star Mall, Bole

Number of employees:  1

Startup Capital:     150,000   birr

Current capital:  Growing

Reason for starting the business: Passion

Biggest perk of ownership: Helps me to be successful

Biggest strength: Commitment

Biggest challenge: Finding a shop

Plan: To expand to other markets

First career: Trader

Most interested in meeting:  No one

Most admired person: Nebiyu Nigusse (My husband)

Stress reducer: Spending time in green areas

Favorite past-time: Working

Favorite book: Yeteqolefebet- qulf by Dr Mihret Debebe

Favorite destination: China

Favorite automobile: Toyota Executive