Alemayehu Tibebe Mulatu


Name: Alemayehu Tibebe Mulatu

Education: BA in psychology, Masters of Public Health (MPH) and MA in Community Development & Leadership

Company name: Impact Ethiopia sychological Services and Public Health Consulting PLC

Title: Founder

Founded in: September 2019

What it does: Psychological services and public health consulting

HQ: Addis Ababa

Number of employees: 15

Startup Capital: 100,000 birr

Current capital: Under Audit

Reasons for starting the business: To lead and be part of the emerging psychological services and public health consulting busine

Biggest perk of ownership: Continuous opportunity to learn and grow

Biggest strength: Determination and ability to learn from mistakes

Biggest challenging: Low mental health seeking behavior of the society

Plan: Expand our counseling center in to a comprehensive psychotherapy and mental health center

First career: Guidance and Counselor

Most interested in meeting: Barack Hussein Obama

Most admired person: Comedian and TV host Trevor Noah

Stress reducer: Swimming

Favorite past time: Watching Movie

Favorite book: Oromay and Mindfulness

Favorite destination: Rome, Italy

Favorite automobile: Mercedes-Benz