Dawit Ketema


Name: Dawit Ketema

Education: BA in Accounting and MIS

Company name: KOMTARE Design

Title: Owner and Designer

Founded in: 2016

What it does: Designs clothes and sandals

HQ: Selam City Mall 3rd floor

Number of employees: 2

Startup Capital: 10,000 birr

Current capital:  Growing

Reason for starting the business: Interest in designing

Biggest perk of ownership: Helped me to put my footprint in the fashion industry

Biggest strength: Patience and not giving up easily

Biggest challenge:  Finding inputs and a place to work

Plan: To expand the business

First career: Accountant

Most interested in meeting: Aster Awoke

Most admired person:  Designer Sara Mohammed

Stress reducer: Drinking Coffee

Favorite past-time: Watching Movies

Favorite book: Efoyta

Favorite destination: Paris

Favorite automobile:  Classic cars