Nafkot Gebeyehu


Name: Nafkot Gebeyehu

Education: BA in Journalism and Communications

Company name: Fuabilich photography

Title: Founder

Founded in: 2015


What it does: Photography services

HQ: Addis Ababa

Number of employees: 1

Startup Capital: Confidential

Current Capital: Growing

Reasons for starting the business: Passion for storytelling

Biggest perk of ownership: Meeting new people

Biggest strength: Creativity

Biggest challenging: Clients underestimating my service

Plan: Promoting my work and expanding my business

First career: Waitress at an Ice-cream shop

Most interested in meeting: Jeff Bezos

Most admired person: My Father

Stress reducer: Working out

Favorite past time: Reading

Favorite book: Seeking Allah Finding Jesus

Favorite destination: Addis Ababa

Favorite automobile: Mercedes G Wagon