Samrawit Debebe


Name: Samrawit Debebe

Education: Degree in Animal Science

Company name: Amen Animal Feed Production

Title: Marketing Manager

Founded in: 2019

What it does: Produce and sell animal feed

HQ: Gelan, Oromia region

Number of employees: 100

Startup Capital: 20 million birr

Current Capital: 26 million birr

Reasons for starting the business: To expand our business from only selling inputs and transitioning to become a producer

Biggest perk of ownership: Working together

Biggest strength: Commitment

Biggest challenging: Awareness and convincing customers

Plan: To increase our production and to start exporting

First career: Consultancy

Most interested in meeting: Adam Reta

Most admired person: My dad

Stress reducer: Reading

Favorite past time: Time with my Dad

Favorite book: ‘Merek’ by Adam Reta

Favorite destination: Italy

Favorite automobile: Jeep