Thomas Bayu


Name: Thomas Bayu

Education: BSC in Electrical Engineering

Company name: Miseso Software

Title:  Co-founder and General Manager

Founded in: 2018

What it does:  Develops Software and Mobile applications

HQ:  Sheger Building around Urael

Number of employees: 12

Startup Capital: 20,000 birr

Current capital:  Growing

Reason for starting the business: To contribute to our country

Biggest perk of ownership: Unlimited potential

Biggest strength: Not giving up, sticking to our plan

Biggest challenge:  Financing

Plan: Being best in our industry

First career: Sales Engineer

Most interested in meeting: PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD)

Most admired person: My father

Stress reducer: Friendships

Favorite past-time: Being with my friends

Favorite book: Yelewt Guzo

Favorite destination: Harar

Favorite automobile: Range Rover